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Sandal Deluxe
25 sticks

Mandarine and Cinnamon
I have chosen fragrances that compliment each other and given 10 sticks of each.
Burn 2 sticks at the same time to help sharpen the mind

10 sticks Mandarine
10 sticks Cinnamon

NAG CHAMPA scented oil - 10ml
Missing the label!
This fragrance from southern India helps improve meditation and concentration.

Nag champa preserves spiritual energy and mental clarity. Use for body, bath, fragrance, mix in a carrier for a beautiful massage oil.

Nandi Sandal Incense

Mandarin and Cinnamon

Missing the label but undamagedNag Champa Oil

per pkt
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Box of 12
QTY: $12.00
20 sticks
QTY: $2.00
QTY: $8.95
Premium Incense


Some of your favourite incense unboxed
limited stock
(packed in plain white paper sleeve - labelled)

Nandita Hand rolled 25g   Goloka Organic hand made 15g
QTY: $1.95
  Nature's Basil
QTY: $1.95
QTY: $1.95
  Nature's Rose
QTY: $1.95
QTY: $1.95
WOW! that's only 54c per pack
Dark Chocolate
Krishan - 8 sticks per pkt x 25 pkt
Dark Chocolate incense will give a delightfully warm fragrance to your home.

WOW! that's only 54c per pack

Krishan - 8 sticks per pkt x 25 pkt
Create a welcoming fragrance in your home with the rejuvenated fragrance of Coffee Incense. The robust aroma will lift your spirit.

WOW! that's only 55c per pack

Krishan - 8 sticks per pkt x 25 pkt
These Tangerine incense sticks offer an enlivening, tangy citrus fragrance.
Chocolate Incense
Coffee incense
Tangerine incense
Ctn of 25 square boxes
QTY: $13.50
Ctn of 25 square boxes
QTY: $13.50
Ctn of 25 square boxes

QTY: $13.50
WOW! that's only 54c per pack

Special Mixed pack 22 items $20!

Special Mixed 19 Hexpacks $15!
One of each Dawn of time

Krishan - 8 sticks per pkt x 25 pkt
The delicious sweetness of vanilla is a charming reminder of all the good things in life. Sweet and delicious!



Ctn of 25 square boxes

Flat incese holder
Coffee 2 x 8g
Vanilla 2 x 8g
Tangerine 2 x 8g
Dark Chocolate 2 x 8g
Rose hexpack 2 x 25g
Apple hexpack 2 x 25g
Strawberry hexpack 2 x 20g
Night Queen hexpack 1 x 20g
Ylang Ylang hexpack 2 x 20g
Call of the Sea hexpack 2 x 20g
Frankincense & Myrrh hexpack 2 x 20g

Night Queen
Ylang Ylang
Mystic Musk
Vanilla Orchid
Call of the Sea
Persian Roses
Dragon's Blood
Peace on Earth
Exotic Patchouli
Lily of the Valley
Sandalwood Divine
Jasmine of the Nile
Bringing Good Luck
Frankincense and Myrrh
Bringing Love and Laighter
Royal Cinnamon and Spice
Add a couple of flat ash catchers and divide this up for lovely Christmas gifts.

Vanilla Incense Inense specials
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QTY: $13.50
QTY: $20.00