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BAKHUR 8ml Oil
Fragrant essential oils mix with
moss and citrus notes.

A sensual citrus fragrance that has
a calm and soothing effect.

Vanilla helps to keep a person centred and calm, puts people at ease and uplifts the spirit.

bakhur perfume oil oriental perfume oil vanilla perfume oil
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QTY: $5.00
50% off
QTY: $5.00
50% off
QTY: $5.00

Krishan - 8 sticks per pkt x 25 pkt

Sandal Deluxe - CLEARANCE
Maroma Incense Leaves with holder
The delicious sweetness of vanilla is a charming reminder of all the good things in life. Sweet and delicious! This fragrance from southern India helps improve meditation and concentration Beautifully presented gift box
Each leaf is hand pressed from a paste
of sandalwood powder infused with essential oils.
8 leaves in each box - 4 of each fragrance
Vanilla Incense Nandi Sandal Incense Leaf Incense
per pkt
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Patchouli - Cedar wood
QTY: $5.95

QTY: $13.50
Box of 12
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Lemongrass - Lavender & Rosemary
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Dark Chocolate
Krishan - 8 sticks per pkt x 25 pkt

Dark Chocolate incense will give a delightfully warm fragrance to your home.

Krishan - 8 sticks per pkt x 25 pkt

Create a welcoming fragrance in your home with the rejuvenated aroma of Coffee Incense to lift your spirit.

Krishan - 8 sticks per pkt x 25 pkt

These Tangerine incense sticks offer an enlivening, tangy citrus fragrance.
Chocolate Incense
Coffee incense Tangerine incense
QTY: $13.50
QTY: $13.50
QTY: $13.50
Special Mixed pack $15!

Special Mixed $15!
Dawn of time

Chandrika soap

Coffee 2 x 8g
Vanilla 2 x 8g
Tangerine 2 x 8g
Dark Chocolate 2 x 8g
Rose hexpack 2 x 25g
Apple hexpack 2 x 25g
Strawberry hexpack 2 x 20g
Night Queen hexpack 1 x 20g
Ylang Ylang hexpack 2 x 20g
Call of the Sea hexpack 2 x 20g
Frankincense & Myrrh hexpack 2 x 20g
Inense specials
Opium, Meditation, Night Queen
Ylang Ylang, Honeysuckle
Mystic Musk, Vanilla Orchid
Call of the Sea, Persian Roses
Dragon's Blood, Peace on Earth
Exotic Patchouli, Lily of the Valley
Jasmine of the Nile
Bringing Good Luck
Frankincense and Myrrh
Bringing Love and Laughter
Royal Cinnamon and SpiceInense specials

Loaded with ayurvedic herbs and coconut oil this pure, traditional soap gently treats skin problems for clear, beautiful skin.

Soap is not damaged at all but the box was squashed!

Chandrika Soap
QTY: $15.00
QTY: $15.00
QTY: $2.00
Mynt Natural unboxed 100g
Mynt and peppermint added to the bath is wonderfully cooling; it promotes clarity of thought, helps concentration and is a restorative and stimulant. Lemon grass is highly invigorating and refreshing.
nandita soap    
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