Natural dhoop incense and incense cones

Nandita Fragrances - Hand pressed cones - Sandalwood and Patchouli
Nandita Fragrances - Made just for Incense Australia. An outstanding Sandalwood and Patchouli cone that makes a quality Nag Champa perfect for meditation. Pure ingredients give a long lasting and lingering fragrance. 10 large cones per packet Patchouli
Nandita Fragrances
per pkt
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Timber cone holder Maroma Incense Leaves with holder - Lovely gift
Hand made timber double cone box with storage drawer
(sheesham/Indian Rosewood)

Burn one or 2 cones, mix your cones for an individual aroma.
  Beautifully presented and gift boxed. Each leaf is hand pressed from a paste of sandalwood powder infused with a blend of natural essential oils.
8 leaves in each box - 4 of each fragrance.
Member of the World Fair Trade Organisation.
incense cone box Leaf Incense
Patchouli - Cedar wood Lemongrass - Lavender & Rosemary
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QTY: $8.95

QTY: $8.95
Nandita Saffron Sandal dhoop sticks Mantra Meditation Cones
DevDarshan 24 Carat Dhoop sticks
These divine bambooless mini dhoop sticks are handmade using only natural ingredients. Clean burning and with a superior fragrance, these little sticks will become one of your favourites. Packets of 18 sticks with a neat little holder.

Mantra Meditation is a traditional hand rolled incense made from premium quality natural flowers, resins and essential oils.
10 cones per packet.

Devdarshan 24 Carat Dry Dhoop Sticks have been manufactured for decades. An eco-friendly product containing no charcoal or bamboo.
15 Dry Dhoop Sticks and holder.
Nandita Saffron Sandal Dhoop
Mantra Meditation 24 Carat dhoop incense
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QTY: $5.95
QTY: $3.95
French Lavender - Aromatika Gul Sugandh/Rose - Aromatika Sandalwood -Auroville
10 cones
French Lavender creates a relaxing and spiritually fragrant space. Unquestionable lavender aroma.
10 cones
These celebrated rose cones will create a romantic and uplifting fragrant atmosphere at home or the workplace. A true rose experience.
10 pyramid cones
Fair Trade incense handmade with 100% botanical ingredients.
A pure sandalwood experience.
Lavender Incense Cones Rose Cones Auroville Sandalwood cones
QTY: $3.50
QTY: $3.50
QTY: $5.95
Gorgeous little incense cones that come with a holder in each packet.
Beautifully scented with organic elements giving a strong impact.
10 cones and one holder in per packet
Chandan Incense cones Patchouli Incense cones Nag Champa Cones

Chandan - Sandalwood


Nag Champa
QTY: $3.00

QTY: $3.00

QTY: $3.00
Nandita dhoop cones - long burning
10 large cones in each box
Dasangam Cones    
Dasangam Cones
Sandal and rose attar combine with natural oils to create a deep, rich, velvety smooth fragrance.
QTY: $3.95
Tall Brass Incense Holder 15cm Brass Incense holder 10cm Brass charcoal/incense holders
Place sand or ash at the bottom of the censer before placing a cone or lit charcoal inside. Can be used for resin, powdered incense or cones. Create an attractive image when you have your favourite fragrant cone or resin burning as the smoke swirls through the cut out design. High enough for the base not to over heat and damage the your table or surface.  

Versatile brass charcoal holder will safely hold your charcoal disc or incense cones. It has an elegant design and a wooden base with felt underneath to protect your table or surface(and fingers) from the heat. Measures 6.5cm high and 9cm across base.

Brass incense holder bras incense holder

charcoal holder

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QTY: $19.95