Hand crafts and accessories from $2.50

Hand made in Nepal 100% silk drawstring bag

9.5cm across top opening - 11cm across widest part - 11cm deep
Beautiful for a small gift or keepsake

Silk Purse Drawstring bag Silk purse
Green with red trim
QTY: $4.99
Purple with green trim
QTY: $4.99
Brown with blue trim
QTY: $4.99
Nag Champa Soap Om Silk purse
Fair Trade - Hand carved pendant
25mm diameter sandalwood disc
31cm drop
Nag Champa soap 100g
QTY: $4.95
QTY: $5.95
Tan with black trim
QTY: $4.99

each piece crafted by hand
Available in 4 sizes either individually or as a set

The elephant has enjoyed a charismatic status in India from the earliest times.
Vedic poets were impressed by the massive strength of the elephant. Huge and grey, the elephant resembled the dark clouds of refreshing rain that replenished the land. The elephant is also known as the one who knits or binds the clouds.
The connection of elephants with water and rain is emphasized in the mythology of Ganesa, Indra and Lakshmi. These intricately designed elephants are simply beautiful in every detail. Hand made in Delhi by skilled artisans using local timber (Kadam). These gorgeous elephants are carved to an exacting standard down to the finest detail and will compliment any decor.

Hand carved elephant

Hand Craved Elephant
QTY: $34.95
Hand Carved Elephant
QTY: $22.95
Hand Carved Elephant
QTY: $15.95
Hand Carved Elephant
QTY: $ 8.95

Charming little incense holders
Choose a holder and packet of incense and make a lovely gift

Hand carved incense holders will hold 1 or 2 sticks of incense in the top and feature gold hand painted detailing. These are just too cute and look gorgeous in a group. Make a lovely gift with a packet of incense.

Duck incense holder Duck - mini incense holder 2.5cm
QTY: $4.95
frog incense holder Frog - mini incense holder 2cm
QTY: $4.95
owl incense holder Owl - mini incense holder 2cm
QTY: $4.95

Our hand crafted, brass inlaid timber incense boxes are suitable for burning sticks and cones. Base compartment to hold your spare incense sticks.
(sheesham or Indian Rosewood)

260mm x 60mm x 70mm

QTY: $14.95
Tower incense holder

Our tall hand crafted, timber (sheesham or Indian Rosewood) incense holders are suitable for burning up to 4 sticks and 1 cone. You can blend your favourite incense to create your own aroma.

310mm tall with 8cm sq base

QTY: $16.95
Incense Cone box Hand made timber (sheesham or Indian Rosewood) double cone box with storage drawer. Burn one or 2 cones, mix your fragrances for an individual aroma.
QTY: $14.95
Indian Rosewood flat timber incense holders, brass inlaid design
These holders have a fabric layer on the base to protect your table surface.
Traditional styling 260mm in length.
incense holder Flat incense ash catcher
QTY: $2.50
QTY: $2.50
QTY: $2.50
Tall Brass Incense Holder 15cm Brass Incense holder 10cm Brass charcoal/incense holders
Place sand or ash at the bottom of the censer before placing lit charcoal inside. Can be used for resin, powdered incense or cones. Create an attractive image when you have your favourite fragrant cone or resin burning as the smoke swirls through the cut out design. High enough for the base not to over heat and damage the your table or surface.  

Versatile brass charcoal holder will safely hold your charcoal disc or incense cones. It has an elegant design and a wooden base with felt underneath to protect your table or surface(and fingers) from the heat. Measures 6.5cm high and 9cm across base.

Brass incense holder bras incense holder

charcoal holder

QTY: $19.95
QTY: $18.95
QTY: $19.95
  Zip lock bags - incense storage
zip lock bags Medium bags 10 pack
Holds 6 hexpacks
QTY: $1.50
Large bags 10 pack
Holds 3 boxes of hex pack incense
(18 hexpacks)
QTY: $1.95