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Frankincense, attars, javadhu & patchouli oils, Song of India perfume oils, nag champa & traditional soaps

Choose from these exotic scents for mood, massage or meditation. Beautiful, affordable & gentle soaps bring the essence of pure Indian fragrances into your bathtime regime. Glycerine & standard soaps for all skin types.

Agarwood Attar

Agarwood Attar (Oudh) 15ml

Agarwood is a deep, dark,woody and earthy fragrance which changes from the time it is first applied and then warmed on the skin. This 'Healing for Harmony' attar  is longlasting, helps calm the nervous system and aids meditation. The use of Agarwood goes back centuries throughout the Middle East and India. Agarwood's divine qualities are mentioned in Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim texts and the Bible.

Nag Champa Oil 15ml

Nag Champa scented oil 15ml

Nag Champa is a sweet, woody fragrance that is calming and warming. Combining sandalwood, jasmine and other earthy notes, this roll on oil makes a long lasting fragrance. The quality, handy roll on applicator is perfect for quick application.

Kadamb Attar 15ml

Kadamb Attar 15ml

Healing for Harmony. A wonderfully intoxicating and deeply feminine scent. Kadamb is symbolic of abundance and purity and is associated with the goddess Durga and Lord Krishna.

Gulab Attar - rose with cardamom 15ml

Rose with Cardamom (Gulab) Attar 15ml

Healing for Harmony. Gulab (Rose Attar) is a soft, feminine and nurturing scent enhanced by the evocative and warm fragrance of Cardamom essential oil. This attar is made from Damascus rose petals.

Mysore Sandalwood oil 25ml

Mysore Sandalwood Oil 25ml

Mysore Sandalwood oil is extracted from the heartwood of the increasingly rare Santalum Album tree, in the Karnataka region of India. Mysore sandalwood oil is a distinctive fragrance unlike any other sandalwood variety. A rich, exotic and long lasting fragrance which is used in soap, incense, perfume, cosmetics, skin and hair products as well as religious rites and medicines.

Includes a glass bottle with quality roll-on applicator: handy for every day use.

Glass perfume bottle with applicator, 15 ml

Glass Perfume Bottle with applicator

Glass bottle 15ml capacity. Shiny silver metal lid and quality roll-on metal applicator. Make your own fragrances or decant from a larger bottle to purse size.

Frankincense Oil

Pure Frankincense essential oil

Return to the ancient world with Hojari Frankincense Essential Oil - a pure unadulterated 'master oil' to reset your mood and energy levels. The very finest 100% Pure Frankincense essential oil, Boswellia Sacra from Oman.

A beautiful essential oil distilled from Hojari Frankincense (Boswellia sacra). Resins are sustainably harvested and distilled by a small boutique, family run, distillation in Oman. It has a wonderful lemony, limy scent and is their finest frankincense.
Used on a spiritual and mental level for purification, meditation, spiritual understanding, focus of intent, courage, protection. Aids overcoming fear, negative feelings, loss, grief and, the development of compassion.
About the heavenly scent and properties of our Hojari Frankincense essential oil:
Slowing down and deepening breathing
Soothing the spirit and deep relaxation
Enhancing positive mood and energy levels
Enhancing mental perception and memory
Deepening meditation
Relieving anxiety and reducing negative self-talk and symptoms of depression
Spiritual soul purification and cleansing of negative energies

    6 ml
    12 ml

    100% Pure Patchouli Oil

    No mineral oils

    Patchouli Oil 15ml
    15ml Bottle

    Purse size glass bottle with high quality metal roll-on applicator.

    Patchouli Oil 25ml
    25ml Bottle

    Quality green glass bottle with dripper inside lid to regulate use. This is a potent oil and you only need a drop.

    Patchouli Oil 100ml
    100ml Bottle

    Quality amber glass bottle.  Make your own massage oil, or just have this bulk amount on hand for your personal use. Has dripper inside lid, so you can regulate your use.

    Javadhu Spray 30ml

    Javadhu body spray 30ml

    Healing for Harmony - A perfect addition to your Javadhu range, layering and enhancing the divine fragrance that is the signature of this traditional Indian scent. 30ml quality amber glass bottle.

    Javadhu Oil 15ml

    Javadhu oil 15 ml

    Healing for Harmony - Javadhu is a fragrance favoured by both men and women, especially for important occasions. Javadhu fragrances blended with sweet almond oil. Presented in a high-quality glass bottle with metal roll-on applicator.

    Javadhu powder 10g

    Javadhu perfume powder 10g

    Healing for Harmony - Use a tiny pinch and mix this with water, then pat over the body or under the arms for a blissfully fragrant experience. A little goes a long way.

    • Perfume - divine and calming, a comforting and romantic fragrance
    • Worship - believed to enhance spiritual practice, the scent invokes divinity when worn or applied to temple and home deities
    • Incense - sprinkle on lit charcoal to create a whole home fragrance
    • Deodorant - cooling and non-irritating, does not restrict natural perspiration and helps prevents odour

    Song of India perfume oils 10 ml

    Made from essential oils extracted from flowers, leaves, roots and various woods. Song of India perfume oils have an excellent shelf life and mature with age, developing a more complex fragrance.

    Using your Song of India perfume oil in different ways is easy: as a traditional perfume, added to your bath, in an oil burner, added to a massage oil etc. Use the bottle applicator; or there is a roll-on top in the box if you prefer.

    Amber Oil
    Amber Oil
    Frangipani Oil
    Frangipani Oil
    Lavender Oil
    Lavender Oil
    Lotus Oil
    Lotus Oil
    Musk Oil
    Musk Oil
    Rose Oil
    Rose Oil
    Ylang Ylang Oil
    Ylang Ylang Oil

    Goddess Ayurvedic Soaps

    Maha Durga Soap
    Maha Durga Ayurvedic soap 150g

    This soap is fragranced with a specially formulated perfume containing 100% essential oils, the fragrance of which is both bold and floral, and contains essences that were made at various Kali and Durga temples in India using the crystalline energies of Fire Opal and Smokey Quartz. Using this soap helps you to attune to the divine qualities of Goddess Durga.

    Maha Kali Soap
    Maha Kali Ayurvedic Soap 150g

    High quality soap that contains ayurvedic herbs that are beneficial to your skin as well as vibrational essences. Using essences topically is an effective way to obtain their benefits. When you use the soap, not only do the natural herbs and oils cleanse and hydrate your skin, but the essences also benefit your well-being! Due to its rich ingredients, the soap has a wonderful hydrating effect and is great for dry skin.

    Maha Lakshmi Soap
    Maha Lakshmi Ayurvedic soap 150g

    This soap is fragranced with a specially formulated perfume containing 100% essential oils, the fragrance of which is sweet and floral, and contains a combination of Maha Lakshmi vibrational essences whose qualities are flow, appreciation and all that is life-sustaining. The essences were made at Lakshmi Temples and during a Lakshmi puja. Using this soap helps you to attune to flow and the divine qualities of Goddess Lakshmi.

    Chandrika Original Ayurvedic Soap

    Chandrika Original ayurvedic soap 75g

    Compared to other soaps, Chandrika truly deserves to be called the Real Ayurvedic soap having more than double the coconut oil and ayurvedic herbs, which gently treat skin problems for clear and beautiful skin.


    • Orange - balances oil secretion
    • Patchouli - prevents dark spots
    • Palmarosa - keeps skin moisturised
    • Cinnamon leaf - removes blemishes
    • Wild ginger - enhances skin texture
    • Sandalwood - treats acne/pimples
    • Lime peel - deep cleanses/removes impurities
    Nag Champa Soap

    Nag Champa soap 100g

    Hand made in Thailand using sustainably farmed oils, natural botanicals, sandalwood, frangipani and a few sweet scents that make this a seriously alluring frangrance for your bath time regime. 

    Chandrika Glycerine Soap

    Chandrika Glycerine Ayurvedic soap 125 g

    Clear soft skin ~ Chandrika glycerine ayurvedic gel bar is an exceptional blend of glycerine and 7 ayurvedic extracts that act as natural skin improvers. It gently cleanses your skin and improves skin quality making it clear and soft. 

    • Glycerine - keeps skin moisturised
    • Jojoba - makes skin soft and supple
    • Lemon Grass - tightens pores
    • Basil - prevents pimples and acne
    • Patchouli - reduces acne marks
    • Eucalyptus - treats skin infections
    • Petigrain - improves tone/texture
    • Orange - refreshes skin
    Per 125g bar
    Set of 4 x 125g bars

    Santoor Pureglo Glycerine Soap

    Pureglo glycerine soap 75g

    Santoor. Give yourself soft, glowing skin with the new Santoor Pureglo Glycerine Bathing Bar. Enriched with almond oil, honey and coconut oil to moisturise your skin, giving a youthful radiance.

    Set of 4 bars
    Per 75g bar

    Javadhu Soap 150g

    Javadhu Soap 150g

    Healing for Harmony - Gorgeous signature scent of Javadhu in a delicious and creamy soap.  A long lasting bar with a coconut oil base. No palm oil and no nasties in this soap. Small batch, hand made in Australia.

    Sago Wood Dish

    Hand crafted sago wood dish. Soap not included.

    Square wooden soap dish
    Flat Square 10cm x 10cm
    Rectangular wooden soap dish
    Rectangular 12cm x 7cm
    Scoop wooden soap dish
    Scoop Square 10cm x 10cm

    Coconut Shell Soap Dish

    Soap dish on stand with drain holes. Hand made in Thailand. 4cm high.

    Flower shaped wooden soap dish
    Flower 12cm x 4cm
    Turtle shaped wooden soap dish
    Turtle 14cm x 4cm