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Healing for Harmony

Every product from Healing for Harmony is individually handmade and, uses fair trade and ethical practices. The range is subtle in appearance but powerful in its intention.

In the Goddess range we have chosen to stock Maha Lakshmi, Maha Durga and Maha Kali and have incense, mala beads, energy sprays and soaps featured in each fragrance. Healing for Harmony also provides fragrant eye pillows, Scented Attars and the Javadhu range.

  • About Maha Lakshmi

    Lakshmi is the the Hindu goddess of flow, abundance and beauty. Representing beauty, abundance, flow, opportunity and manifestation. She is the wife and divine strength of Vishnu, one of the principal deities of Hinduism and the Supreme Being in the Vaishnavism Tradition. Lakshmi is represented on the oldest surviving stupas and cave temples. In Buddhist sects, the goddess Vasudhara mirrors the characteristics and attributes of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi.

    Shri Lakshmi is depicted with four hands while either sitting or standing on the lotus flower. She holds lotus flowers in two of the upper hands. One of the lower hands is in Varad Mudra, through which She bestows wealth and prosperity. The other lower hand is shown in Abhaya Mudra, through which She bestows courage and strength to Her devotees.

    She is shown wearing red clothes and adorned with gold jewellery. She has calm and soothing expressions. She is shown sitting in a beautiful garden or in blue ocean. She is surrounded with either two or four white elephants giving Her prayer with the water. Her mounts are the white elephant and owl.

  • About Maha Durga

    Durga is the giver of courage and strength, supporting protection from enemies. She is seen as ‘Shakti’ the force behind everything in this universe. As such offering prayer and worship helps ward against evil in all areas of your life. She has unparalleled bravery to face enemies and is the ultimate protector of all genders.

    The celestial energy of Goddess Durga fortifies the body, mind and soul bringing, positivity, peace, prosperity and success.

  • About Maha Kali

    Kali is the emblem of strength and is spouse of Lord Shiva. She is the Hindu Goddess of surrender whose name is derived from the Sanskrit word for Time ‘Kaali’. She is The Divine Mother, Mother of the universe. 

    Nothing escapes from time. Kali removes the darkness, bringing peace and mental satisfaction. Offering prayer helps to; dispel evil intentions, bring peace and serenity into your life and, helps remove negativity that hinders spiritual and material progress. 

    Kali dissipates negativity, is fearless and, slays the ego. Both benevolent and compassionate, despite her fierce form, She is the destroyer of illusion, dwelling beyond time and space.

Goddess Energy Sprays 30ml

Maha Durga Energy Spray
Maha Durga Empowerment ~ Energy Spray 30ml

Will invoke and invite the energies of Durga. Excellent to use when we wish to go beyond our current comfort zone in any area of our lives. Empowering in energy. 
"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage." - Anais Nin

Maha Kali Spray
Maha Kali Purify ~ Energy Spray 30ml

Benevolent and loving in energy, this spray will assist with bringing to the surface those areas in your life where you are contracted and not living your full expression. It can assist with transmuting negativity, either in energy fields and environments.
Essences: Invincible heart. Contains Frankincense and Lemon essential oils.

Maha Lakshmi Spray
Maha Lakshmi Flow & Abundance ~ Energy Spray 30ml

This spray is wonderful as a perfume and will invoke and invite the energies of Lakshmi. Excellent for attracting abundance, being open to opportunities and networking. Great for manifestation and expansion.
Essences: Adilakshmi, Lakhsmi Puja, Dhanalakshmi. Contains a specially formulated Lakshmi ‘perfume’ containing lotus & sandalwood essential oil & other oils – a 'secret' recipe!

Goddess Mala Beads

Mala beads are used to chant aloud or silently to invoke spiritual qualities while practising prayer, yoga or meditation. They can be made of 27 beads for use in shorter meditations or 108 in longer meditations. They can be made from gemstones that match the intention of your practice.

Also referred to as prayer beads, they have been used in Buddhism and Hinduism for many centuries.

Durga Mala
Maha Durga Full Mala Beads

This mala is tuned to the Hindu Goddess Durga. Rosewood is associated is Maha Durga. Red Jasper boosts energy, strength and vitality. Sunstone is an optimistic gemstone associated with abundance, good fortune and leadership. Corresponding chakras: Root (base) Sacral and Solar Plexus. Beautifully hand made with 108 beads and cotton tassel. Measures 83cm circ.

Kali Mala
Maha Kali Full Mala Beads

This mala is attuned to the Hindu Goddess Kali.  Lava, Carnelian and Smokey Quartz. Lava (Basalt) is a very grounding stone, as it comes from the core of the earth. This stone can provide stability during tumultuous times. Carnelian is a gemstone associated with strength and vitality, stabilization and courage. Smokey quartz can dispel negative thoughts such as worry. Corresponding Chakras: Root (Base) and Sacral Chakra.

Lakshmi Mala
Maha Lakshmi Full Mala Beads

This full mala is attuned to the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi. Tulsi, Nephrite, Jade, Ruby Jade. Tulsi (holy basil) is Maha Lakshmi in plant form. Nephrite jade is connected with good health and abundance. Ruby jade has been selected for its colour; its rich ruby/magenta shade is associated with Lakshmi and is a stone linked with vitality. Corresponding chakra: Heart. Beautifully hand made with silvertone disc with a lotus detail, 108 beads and cotton tassel. Measures 83cm circ.

Goddess Incense 20 sticks per pack

Healing for Harmony - Goddess incense range is individually hand made using fair trade and ethical practices.

Maha Durga incense
Maha Durga Incense 20 sticks

Healing for Harmony - This incense has been infused with divine Durga essences which were made on site at Durga and Kali temples in India. Contains the crystalline energies of Fire Opal and Smoky Quartz.

Maha Kali incense
Maha Kali incense 20 sticks

Healing for Harmony -This incense is fragranced with frankincense and lemon essential oils and contains an essence that was made during Arati (evening prayers) at the Maha Kali temple in Dakineshwar, Kolkata, India. This incense can be used during meditation or contemplation, or for space healing.

Maha Lakshmi incense
Maha Lakshmi incense 20 sticks

Healing for Harmony - Maha Lakshmi is the goddess of flow, abundance and beauty. Infused with a range of divine Lakshmi vibrational essences which were made during Lakshmi pujas and contain crystaline energies of ruby. Key energies for these essences are flow, appreciation and all that is life sustaining.
See Lakshmi puja at home.

Goddess Ayurvedic Soaps

Maha Durga Soap
Maha Durga Ayurvedic soap 150g

This soap is fragranced with a specially formulated perfume containing 100% essential oils, the fragrance of which is both bold and floral, and contains essences that were made at various Kali and Durga temples in India using the crystalline energies of Fire Opal and Smokey Quartz. Using this soap helps you to attune to the divine qualities of Goddess Durga.

Maha Kali Soap
Maha Kali Ayurvedic Soap 150g

High quality soap that contains ayurvedic herbs that are beneficial to your skin as well as vibrational essences. Using essences topically is an effective way to obtain their benefits. When you use the soap, not only do the natural herbs and oils cleanse and hydrate your skin, but the essences also benefit your well-being! Due to its rich ingredients, the soap has a wonderful hydrating effect and is great for dry skin.

Maha Lakshmi Soap
Maha Lakshmi Ayurvedic soap 150g

This soap is fragranced with a specially formulated perfume containing 100% essential oils, the fragrance of which is sweet and floral, and contains a combination of Maha Lakshmi vibrational essences whose qualities are flow, appreciation and all that is life-sustaining. The essences were made at Lakshmi Temples and during a Lakshmi puja. Using this soap helps you to attune to flow and the divine qualities of Goddess Lakshmi.

Shanti Eye Pillows

This soft eye pillow will mould to the contour of your face, blocking out light, calming muscles around your eyes and aiding relaxation. Use your eye pillow during a massage or healing session, before sleep, or if you have a headache. The eye pillow contains organic millet and lavender with an unbleached cotton inner cover and cotton outer cover.

These eye pillows come with an explanatory text and care instructions.

5% of your purchase is donated to Mon Repos Turtle Centre to help fund Turtle research and community education.

Purple Shanti eye pillow
Purple Eye Pillow
Turtle Shanti eye pillow
Rainbow Turtle Eye Pillow