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Incense Cones & Natural Dhoop Incense

Dhoop is a masala incense blend that is rolled or extruded into logs or shaped into cones. Dhoop incense does not have a bamboo stick and the fragrance is very concentrated. Traditionally used during rituals, prayers and meditation, but equally popular for everyday use.

Bharath Darshan incense cones

Bharath Darshan incense cones

Beautifully unique and fragrant incense cones presented by Askoe. Use during yoga, meditation and prayers to elevate your mood or enhance the aroma of your space. 12 cones per packet.

Per packet
Box of 12 pkts

Goloka Chandan cones

Chandan cones

Goloka - Chandan (Sandalwood) is a cooling fragrance that creates a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere. Thes beautiful cones come with a little ceramic disc stand. 10 cones per pkt.

Per packet
Box of 12 pkts

Goloka Nag Champa cones

Nag Champa cones

Goloka - What a magnificent masala blend these Nag Champa cones are, known as the best in the world. True to their original ingredients of nag champa flower, herbs, aromatic roots, spices, honey, natural oils, resins & wood extracts a true indian expereince has been created. Pure, organic and ethically produced. Ideal for meditation and daily use and in these convenient little cones. A divine fragrance for the soul.

Per packet
Box of 12 pkts

Cedarwood Cones

Cedarwood incense cones

Namaste Cedar cones by R Expo (since 1932) combining aromatic roots, florals and oils to make premium incense perfect for all uses. 16 cones per packet.

1 pkt
Box of 6 pkts

Aromatika Lavender Dhoop Cones

French Lavender incense cones

Aromatika's French Lavender cones create a relaxing, exotic and spiritually fragrant space. Unquestionable lavender aroma. 10 cones per box.

Per packet
Box of 12 pkts

Nandita Mantra Meditation Cones

Mantra Meditation incense cones

Nandita Mantra Meditation cones are a traditional hand-made incense.  Made from premium quality natural flowers, resins and essential oils ensuring a safe and natural experience. 10 large long-burning cones per packet. 

Per packet

Padmini Mini Dhoop Sticks

Mini Dhoop sticks

Padmini - Perfumed mini dhoop sticks, pure soothing fragrance that lingers on and on. These cute mini sticks are fantastic for small spaces, yet pack a robust amber and floral fragrance hit.

Per 5g packet
Box of 12 pkts

Incense of Auroville Sandalwood cones

Sandalwood incense cones

Incense d'Auroville Sandalwood cones are a fair trade product made with 100% pure, natural, botanical ingredients. Sandalwood powder and essential oil. No chemicals or synthetics. 10 pyramid cones per packet.

Per packet
Box of 5 pkts

Aromatika rose dhoop cones (gul sugandh)

Gul Sugandh/Rose incense cones

Aromatika -  Celebrated rose cones that create a romantic and uplifting fragrant atmosphere for the home or workplace. A true rose experience. 10 cones per box.

Per packet
Box of 12 pkts