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Javadhu is an enchanting scent you can often smell wafting in Indian air. It's a blended fragrance powder which is captivating, uplifting and loved by many. Wearing Javadhu is believed to enhance spiritual practice.
Javadhu powder can be used dry or made into a paste with water or rosewater and applied to the skin or to temple and home deities. It has been used for centuries as a tradition by both men and women to freshen up before a special or sacred event. Javadhu can be used as a perfume, a deodorant as it contains sandalwood powder, or to enhance spiritual practice. Only a small amount of powder is required as the scent is strong and long lasting.
Javadhu contains sandalwood powder, herb and spice extracts and rose and jasmine flowers.
All ingredients are 100% pure and natural, ethically sourced and hand blended in the Tamil Nadu region of Southern India.

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Javadhu gift set - Only $49.95
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Incense 30 sticks
Javadhu perfume oil roll on 15ml
Soap 150g bar
Javadhu powder perfume 10g pot
Sago wood soap dish

Javadhu Gift Set
QTY: $49.95

Javadhu oil is a blended fragrance worn by both men and women, especially for special occassions. This oil is blended with sweet almond oil and contains natural sandalwood, herb and spice extracts and rose and jasmine flowers. Presented in a high quality glass bottle with metal roll on applicator.


Javadhu oil
1 x 15ml
QTY: $19.95

Javadhu powder Use a tiny pinch and mix this with waterl then pat over the body or under the arms for a blissfully, fragrant experience. A little goes a long way and there is no expiry date.
Perfume – Divine and calming, a comforting and a romantic fragrance.
Worship - Believed to enhance spiritual practice, the scent evokes divinity when worn or applied to temple and home deities.
Incense - Sprinkle on lit charcoal to create a whole home fragrance.
Deodorant – Cooling and non-irritating. Does not restrict natural perspiration but helps prevents odour.

Javadhu powder


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Javadhu incense Gorgeous handmade incense, presented in signature box. Beautiful 30 x 15cm sticks of the most amazing fragrance.

Javadhu Incense
30 sticks
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Puja Javadhu Javadhu pooja powder
QTY: $8.95
Used on charcoal to enhance spiritual practice. The scent evokes divinity when used as an incense, worn or applied to temple and home deities.

100% Pure Patchouli oil


100% Pure Patchouli oil


100% Pure Patchouli oil

No mineral oils - Glass bottle with high quality metal roll on applicator, purse size.   No mineral oils - Quality green glass bottle with dripper inside lid to regulate use as this is a potent oil and you only need a drop.
  Save 30% No mineral oils - Quality amber glass bottle. Make your own massage oil or just have this bulk amount on hand for your personal use. Has dripper inside lid so you can regulate your use.
Patchouli oil   Patchouli Oil   Pure Patchouli oil
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QTY: $25.50
QTY: $85.00
Agarwood Attar (Oudh)


Naresh Sandal wood oil

Agar wood is a deep, dark, woody and earthy fragrance which changes from the time it is first applied and then warmed on the skin. Long lasting and reputed to calm the nervous system and aid meditation. The use of Agar Wood goes back centuries throughout the Midlle East and India. Agarwood's divine qualities are mentioned in Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim texts and the bible.

A wonderfully intoxicating and deeply feminine scent. Kadam is symbolic of abundance and purity and is associated with the Goddess Durga and Lord Krishna.

Sandalwood oil is used for many conditions in both Ayurdeva and Chinese medicine for the promotion of physical and mental wellbeing.

Agarwood Attar Kadamb Attar Sandalwood Oil
QTY: $19.95
QTY: $19.95
QTY: $8.50
Frankincense essentail oil Pure Frankincense Essential oil
A beautiful essential oil distilled from the Hojari Frankincense (Boswellia sacra) from Oman. It has a wonderful lemon/lime scent.
Used on a spiritual and mental level for purification, meditation, spiritual understanding, focus of intent, courage, protection, helps overcome fear, negative feelings, loss, grief, and the development of compassion.
The heavenly scent and properties of Hojari frankincense:
  • Slowing down and deepening breathing
  • Soothing the spirit and deep relaxation
  • Enhancing positive mood and energy levels
  • Enhancing mental perception and memory
  • Deepening meditation
  • Relieving anxiety and reducing negative self-talk and symptoms of depression
  • Spiritual soul purification and cleansing of negative energies
  • Frankincense
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    QTY: $65.00
    NAG CHAMPA scented oil 10ml
    Nag champa preserves spiritual energy and mental clarity. Use for body, bath, fragrance or mix in a carrier for a beautiful massage oil.
    Some suggested applications
    for scented oils
    Always keep bottles tightly closed to avoid evaporation.
    Store in a cool dark place.
    These Oils are for external use only.
    Keep away from children and pets.
    Nag Champa Oil Bath Oil 10 - 15 drops in warm bath
    Massage oil 10 - 15 drops per cup of carrier oil:coconut, jojoba, sesame, almond, olive or other suitable massage oil.
    QTY: $9.50
    Diffuser 2-3 drops in lamp diffuser add water to 3/4 full
    Stone oil burneroil burner Hand carved stone oil warmer
    QTY: $19.50
    Beautifully crafted stone oil burner with double well for combining fragrances. Includes instructions and a tea light to get you started. 10.5cm x 7cm
    Oil not included