Resin incense, smudge, powder & charcoal
Australian grown - Organic smudge
The selected herbs are grown using organic practices. The sage is picked, dried and wrapped with love and care. The smudge is tightly bundled, giving them a slow and consistent burn and making them much easier to stub out. You will get many uses out of each smudge stick. A free bookmark is included with instructions on how to use our new smudge stick.
This is the herb to use when you need brute strength to shift energies and entities that attach themselves to you and your environment. White Sage clears these negative energies, purifies your environment and protects you from possible future attacks.
Length 15cm
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White Sage Australian Grown

Australian grown - Organic smudge

Our smudge products are hand made using plants grown organically. All plants are harvested with the utmost respect to nature and prepared in a quiet and peaceful environment.
Our smudge sticks are tied with pure cotton and wrapped so that they stay intact as they smoulder.
Smudge can be used in the stick or loose pieces can be crumbled over our pure bamboo charcoal.
Instructions are included with each product.

Smudge sticks Smudge stick - Peace and Harmony
Length 20cm
QTY: $14.95

Lavender - brings peaceful and loving energy. Reduces anxiety and lifts emotions.

Smudge stick - Strengthen
Length 20cm
QTY: $14.95
Eucalyptus - Strength and cleanse
Tea Tree - Purify and heal
Sheoak - Balance
TeaTree Smudge Smudge stick - Purify and heal
Length 15cm
QTY: $9.95

Tea Tree - White flowering

Only the white flowering parts are used for this special smudge.


Tea Tree smudge

Loose Tea Tree - Purify and heal
QTY: $9.95

Australian grown, white flowers and leaf tips only.



White sage leaves

Loose white sage leaves - Salvia Apiana
QTY: $9.95

Australian grown loose white sage leaves.

Very limited stock

Honeysuckle and Rose smudge Smudge stick - Honeysuckle and Rose bud
Length 14cm
QTY: $9.95

The sent of honeysuckle on the evening air is said to bring dreams of love. It is abundant, sweet and voluptuous. Thought to keep love alive and bring prosperity. Tiny little pink rose buds enhance love.



Purify your atmosphere with holy smoke


Pure sambrani cups


Sambrani cup


Shudh Sambrani Cups ~ Benzoin ~ 12 large cups

Pure sambrani (Benzoin). Long burning with no lighting agent, creates a beautiful vanilla and earthy fragrance. The delightful smoke will purify and re energise your home as well as acting as a perfect meditation enhancer.
12 cups per box
QTY: $12.95
Sambrani Sambrani cup Naivedya Sambrani Cups ~ Benzoin ~ 8 small cups
An effective space purifier. These cups have a distinct and peaceful balsamic fragrance. While smouldering they emit an amazingly positive, vibrant and alluring aroma that cleanses the air and energy in the surroundings. 
8 cups per box
QTY: $8.95
Athisaya Sambrani Sambrani cup Athisaya Sambrani ~ Benzoin ~ 11 cups

Original pure sambrani, extracted from the Styrax tree, is best known for its many medicinal qualities. The mesmerising, pleasant and soothing aroma cleanses your home and office from all negative elements.
If you like a bit of ceremony then these cups are perfect. You can add more powder which is supplied, after the initial amount is finished and they will continue for 1 hour.
Charcoal contains a lighting agent for a quick start.

11 cups per box
QTY: $11.95
Frankincense essentail oil Pure Frankincense Essential oil

A beautiful essential oil distilled from the Hojari Frankincense (Boswellia sacra) from Oman. It has a wonderful lemon/lime scent.
Used on a spiritual and mental level for purification, meditation, spiritual understanding, focus of intent, courage, protection, helps overcome fear, negative feelings, loss, grief, and the development of compassion.
The heavenly scent and properties of Hojari frankincense:

  • Slowing down and deepening breathing
  • Soothing the spirit and deep relaxation
  • Enhancing positive mood and energy levels
  • Enhancing mental perception and memory
  • Deepening meditation
  • Relieving anxiety and reducing negative self-talk and symptoms of depression
  • Spiritual soul purification and cleansing of negative energies
  • Frankincense
    QTY: $39.00
    QTY: $69.00
    Sambrani Benzoin Resin Benzoin/Sambrani ~ resin

    100g– Benzoin Resin (Gum Benzoin/Storax) from the bark of the Styrax tree. An earthy yet sweet vanilla fragrance released when burned on charcoal as an incense. Space cleanser, blocks negative energy, calms, soothes, warms and uplifts.

    QTY: $18.95
    Hojari Frankincense 50g ~ white
    Boswellia Sacra
    From the Dhofar region of Oman. Hojari Frankincense is distinct with a beautiful lemon scented, aromatic smoke. It has been used throughout the ages to relax the breath, soothe the spirit, lift the mood, clear thoughts, aide meditation and cleans the spirit. It can be used on its own or burnt with myrrh for added depth and warmth. Effective as a mosquito repellant - thoroughly addictive!
    QTY: $23.95

    Frankincense Resin Royal Hojari Frankincense 50g ~ pale green
    Boswellia Sacra
    Royal Hojari from the Dhofar region in Oman.
    Premium quality, medical grade. The purity of this resin is evident with its fresh citrus, lime and delicate evergreen scent.
    It has been used throughout the ages to relax breathing, soothe the spirit, lift the mood, clear thinking, aid meditation, cleanse the spirit and many medical conditions for which you should consult a Natural Practioner.
    Modern science is rediscovering the properties and uses of this ancient and revered resin and it is being used to heal wounds, significantly ease inflammatory gastric symptoms, alleviate depression, reduce the effects of arthritis and stem the spread of cancerous cells.
    Note: Please do your own research into the medicinal uses for this resin.
    QTY: $49.95


    Myrrh Resin

    Myrrh 50g ~ Yemen The name myrrh comes from the ancient Aramaic word for bitter. Traditionally burnt at funerals to ease the soul's passage, myrrh is also used as a spiritual and space cleanser, devotion and ritual within temples and churches.

    • Deep, rich, warm, earthy & sweet
    • Clears the air, is used in divination, regenerates the spirit and restores clarity
    • Cleansing, purifying, protection
    • Enhances a sense of strength
    • Promotes relaxation & aids in meditation
    • Has sensuous properties especially when burned together with Frankincense
    • Used also to promote sleep
    • Promotes a sense of serenity, sensuality and love
    QTY: $23.95


    Resin Starter Kit

    Resin starter pack
    Get underway with everything you need in this starter kit.

    • 50gm white hojari resin
    • 50gm myrrh resin
    • Carved brass charcoal holder
    • 2 rolls nitrate free charcoal
    • instructions
    QTY: $64.95
    Sandalwood powder Sandalwood powder Australian ~ Organic Sandalwood Powder
    Australian sandalwood powder has a distinctive yet delicate woody scent. Use it sprinkled on lit charcoal discs as an incense to aid meditation and it can also be used in a paste with other ingredients as a face mask.
    Sandalwood has been used for many centuries as an incense, a perfume, for furniture and hand crafts. One of its many uses is as a natural insect repellent.
    QTY: $14.95
    Brass charcoal/incense holders for powder, resin or cones

    charcoal holder

    Brass incense holder

    bras incense holder

    6.5cm high and 9cm across 15cm tall 10cm tall
    Versatile brass charcoal holder will safely hold your charcoal disc or incense cones. It has an elegant design and wooden base with felt underneath to protect your table or surface from the heat.
      Place sand or ash at the bottom of the censer before placing lit charcoal inside. Can be used for resin, powdered incense or cones. Create an attractive image when you have your favourite fragrant cone or resin burning as the smoke swirls through the cut out design. Tall enough for the base not to over heat and damage the your table or surface.
    QTY: $19.95
    QTY: $17.95
    QTY: $17.95
    Frankincense Incense Australia's own
    Chemical free bamboo charcoal

    Powders, Resins or crumbled smudge stick pieces can be set on top of smouldering charcoal to release their aromatic fragrances. Using charcoal which does not contain lighting agents, will give you a pure and fragrant experience and will not scorch your products or create toxic smoke.
    We supply pure bamboo charcoal discs with no chemical impurities or lighting agents. Clean burning so there is no unpleasant odour to interfere with the incense powder or resin you are burning. Pure bamboo charcoal is the safest one to use.

    To see a little video about how to light the charcoal please visit our
    Facebook page >>>

    or Youtube >>>

    CHEMICAL FREE CHARCOAL (10 x 33mm tablets per roll)
    100% Bamboo Charcoal - the safest to use
    Guaranteed Potassium Nitrate free
    Chemical free Charcoal Our premium 100% bamboo charcoal is specially made for Incense Australia. Guaranteed free from toxic ingredients. It does not burn as hot as the type with toxic additives so your incense product will release its aroma without scorching the natural oils.
    If a charcoal is easy to light then it will contain a lighting agent (salt petre or sulphur).
    1 x roll of 10 discs
    QTY: $2.95
    1 box of 10 rolls
    QTY: $27.95