Handmade Australian, Thai and Indian soaps

Sago wood soap dish - Rectangular
Hand crafted sago wood soap dish With drain holes 12cm x 7cm
soap not included

Sago wood dish - Square
Hand crafted sago wood dish
Square flat 10cm x 10cm

soap not included
Sago wood dish - Scoop
Hand crafted sago wood dish
Square Scoop 10cm x 10cm
soap not included
Sago wood soap dish Sago wood soap dish Sagowood soap dish
QTY: $3.95
QTY: $3.95
QTY: $3.95
Javadhu Soap - Large bar
100% silk drawstring bag
with Nag champa soap
Nag Champa Soap - 100g
Divine long lasting coconut oil base. No palm oil and no nasties in this soap. Small batch, hand made and fairly traded in India. Hand made in Nepal
Fair trade - Red with green trim
Pull the red tabs and the bag closes Pull the green and it opens.
Perfect gift with the silky, fragrant Nag Champa soap inside.
Superior quality authentic Nag Champ soap. Exquisite long lasting fragrance, creamy lather. Palm oil is sourced from certified sustainable plantations. You can't go past this divine soap and it is made just for Incense Australia!
Javadhu Soap Gift set Nag Champa Soap
QTY: $7.95
QTY: $8.95
QTY: $4.95
Loofah Glycerine Soap 75g  
Loofah Soap bars are glycerine soap embedded with a natural loofah to help remove dry skin with gentle exfoliation. This is a gentle way to exfoliate and nourish your skin with vitamin E and Honey, giving an invigorating effect and making bath time luxuriously scented. Loofah Soap

Aloe Vera, Blueberry, Coconut, Frangipani, Lemon, Lemongrass, Orange, Peach, Peppermint, Relaxing, Strawberry.

Select fragrance:
QTY: $4.95

Healing Calendula soap bar 100g
Hand made in Australia
Contains dried calendula flowers as well as Sweet Orange essential oil.

Lava soap bar 100g
Hand made in Australia
Contains Fennel & Menthol essential oils and coloured with black clay, plus ground pumice for gentle exfoliation.

Rose soap bar 100g
Hand made in Australia
Containing Rose Geranium essential oil, dried rose petals and pink clay.
Calendula soap
Lava Bar soap
Rose soap
QTY: $4.95
QTY: $4.95
QTY: $4.95


All products in our range produce a lovely fragrant lather, rinse clean and leave your skin silky smooth. Each batch is created using the finest natural vegetable and plant oils and is further enriched with aromatherapy essential oils and moisturisers for an incredible bathing experience.
All soap is scented using pure aromatherapy grade essential oils, dried flowers and herbs and is 100% natural and organic. Our soap is made using the cold process method and contains absolutely no animal derived ingredients. All palm oil is sourced from certified sustainable plantations.

Chandan Natural 100g
Emotionally, it relaxes stress, soothes irritation and lifts depression. A wonderfully balancing fragrance.

Herbal Natural 100g
The herbal ingredients in this soap are recommended for uplifting, refreshing, cleansing and deodorizing.
Mynt Natural 100g
Peppermint added to the bath is wonderfully cooling; it promotes clarity of thought, helps concentration and is a restorative and stimulant. Lemon grass is highly invigorating and refreshing.
Nandita chandan soap
Nandita herbalina soap mint soap
QTY: $2.50
QTY: $2.50
QTY: $2.50

Orange & Basil Natural 100g
Delightfully bright, cheery and refreshing.

Rosemary Natural 100g
Rosemary is wonderfully fresh and stimulating, also known for its ability to wake up the body and spirit. It is recommended for the treatment of oily skin and scalp and dandruff.
Nandita Orange and Basil soap
Nandita rosemary soap
QTY: $2.50
QTY: $2.50