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Moondance UNSCENTED Premium Incense 100g

A blank canvas waiting for your creative touch! Perfect for those who prefer a subtle or custom scent, these incense sticks are made from high-quality materials and provide a long-lasting, clean burn.

To fragrance your incense sticks, you have a few options.

You can mix essential oils with a base oil, such as coconut oil, and dip the incense sticks into the mixture.

You can also sprinkle a few drops of essential oil onto the incense sticks or onto a plate or dish and place the incense sticks nearby so they absorb the scent.

Experiment with different combinations of oils to find your perfect fragrance.

Moondance is popular as this incense has a strong scent, but has a low smoke output, making it perfect for indoor use.

Premium Quality Unscented Incense sticks, 100g worth of incense sticks per packet. (approximately 90 sticks, can vary).

28cm in length, approx. 18cm of burn length

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