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Sacred White Sage & Abalone Shell Smudge Gift Set

This Smudge Kit is a great starter pack for people wanting to start the practices of smudging, or for already knowledgeable smudge enthusiasts, or even a great gift for the spiritually inclined or curious.

Each Kit includes: 

> 1 white sage smudge stick

> Abalone Shell

> Sand

> Turkey Feather

Step into the sacred embrace of our Sacred White Sage & Abalone Shell Smudging Gift Set—an offering of ethereal energy and spiritual grace. Immerse yourself in the ritual, carefully lighting the White Sage smudge stick with reverent intention. Let the smoke pirouette in a dance of purification. With the Abalone shell as your sacred vessel, wield the smudging feather to disperse the cleansing essence, weaving spiritual threads in the air. Gently tip the sand into the shell—an elegant gesture to extinguish the smudge stick, preserving its sacred essence for future use. Witness negativity dissipate in fragrant swirls, as balance is restored, and a profound sacred connection unfolds. Illuminate your sacred space and elevate your being with this transformative and elegant gift set.

All presented in a white gift box.

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