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Sagrada Madre Energy Cleansing Charcoal

These Energy Cleansing Charcoal Incense Disks offer protection, and are perfect for use either alone or with the addition of herbs or resins to create the perfect scent at home. Note the Addition of Herbs and Resins will change the final scent. 

The disks are 100% natural, Vegan, have eco-friendly recyclable cardboard packaging, and include 12 discs. 

Ingredients include Aromatic Herbs, Natural Resins, Fruit Biomass, Natural Binder, and Salt. May contain aroma oil and essential oils.

How To Use: Light the charcoal in a non-flammable container, place the herbs and resin on top of the charcoal, smudge in a ventilated environment. At the end, put out with water and throw the remains in a container with dirt.

12 discs per pack.


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