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Ullas Organic Incense powder WHITE SAGE 25g

Salvia apiana or "Sage" in English comes from the Latin word Salvare meaning "health", traditionally it was used in purification rituals by Native American Indians who believed the herb to be sacred and would dry it, form it into bundles and ceremonially burnt it. Sage is known as the plant of immortality and is ideal for spiritual rituals involving healing and removal of negative energies that may have attached themselves to you or your space.

100% Natural ingredients and organic!

Powder can be smouldered on a charcoal disc; or put it into a small pile and light. Just let the little flame burn briefly and 'gently' blow the flame out, or it may go out on its own. The powder will continue to smoke. Make sure you have this out of draughts and on a heatproof and fireproof surface. Use as a face mask, by adding milk or rosewater and creating a paste.


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